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The effect showed that growing plants utilization sustainability had been still similar together with Food Consumption Speeding Movement program, since seen from typically the types and amount of plants. Typically the role of females farm leaders of which affect gardening use sustainability were motivators, and problem solvers. Groups leaders engagement inside the utilization growing plants could affect group people to keep up activities growing plants post P2KP plan. The role regarding groups leaders could be increased by means of extension activities, typically the use of connection media, and communicate with some other sources regarding information.

While the position of farmer group, farmer group participation, and desicion making process had non significant correlation with Gapoktan performance. The external factors such as goverment policy, relationship with the other institution, capital loan, and extension intensity had positive and significant correlation with Gapoktan performance.

Which means purpose regarding this study had been to identify typically the factors that result in diarrhea in Tanah Bumbu regency by simply Geospatial method method. Cross-sectional study pattern which has observational analytical placed for the overall sample of 501 households from a few Primary health attention selected, respondents got experienced diarrhea in addition to registered on the community health center. Findings and interview transported out via a new questionnaire in buy to know typically the characteristics of participants, factors environmental cleanliness, and PHBS. Evaluation of water selections carried out to look for the bacteriological contamination. The final results show that at this time there are differences parents’work, the quality regarding water resources, use, and water remedy in the case opf diarrhea found in the city in addition to village area.

This review demonstrates the angler in Kampung Cipatuguran, Palabuhanratu is focused by high-level inside leaderships level, money ownership, empaty stage, abstraction level, care to for taking a chance level, futuristic stage, partisipation level, in addition to communication activity. This specific research was designed to formulate typically the strategy to raise the Actuality and Public Responsibility to Inferior Families at Non-urban Area. Survey have been implemented among 57 selected samples, started out Nopember 2006 right up until April 3 years ago. The results pointed out that the number associated with respondent had a large social responsibility. The particular increasement of interpersonal responsibility and degree of empowerment had been influenced by execution of good authorities of local business, income, and official education. This research suggests an alternate model of empowerment in order in order to social responsibility.

Department of Social affairs implemented several empowerment programs to eradicate poverty. KUBE was infended to over-come the group weaknesses through mutual and cooperative efforts. In this relation there were some factors affecting the KUBE dynamic i. e., member characteristics, empowerment patterns, and the KUBE social environment. To improve the KUBE personal strength, the KUBE successful business activities have been classified into a few categories, namely day to day income, monthly revenue and annual revenue earning activities.

The objectives associated with this research had been to portray the particular influence of external and internal factors to the particular competencies of the particular agricultural extension brokers. The individual characrterization of the farming extension agents had been the interior factors which usually assumed to influence in creating the competencies, and those other i. e the non formal education, the milieu, and the extension organization structure were the external factors. The results of the research showed that the internal factors were influenced positively and significantly to the competencies of the agricultural extension agents both before and after the autonomy, yet those other had been not. The presence of professional agri-extension worker is primary extension’s issue in order to move it efficiently and efficiently. The present main problem will be agri-extension worker’s overall performance in Indonesia will be quite low. This is because associated with agri-extension worker offers low individual high quality, use in some area in South Sumatera. Consequently , the goals of the study will be to gauge the overall performance of agri-extension employee.

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The success of life skill education was determined by the direct involvement of the society based on the planning, implementation, evaluation, plus advantage of the outcome. According to Arstein, the participation from the society included inside tokenism group which usually is the participation due to the particular push in purchase to make all of them agree, the statement of the same direction, the advice from the society is accepted but anyhow it became useless. The degree of the participation from the society gives much effect toward the success of life skill education in attitude change related to personal skill and academic skill. Organic farming is agricultural activities that seek the use of outside intake and avoid the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer. The particular results showed that this organic farmers plus conventional farmers possess the high responses associated with organic farming. Nevertheless , the characteristics associated with organic farmer possess no relation along with farmer’s respons associated with organic farming. After that, in conventional farmers, formal education and the courage to take the risks have relation with farmer’s respons of organic farming.